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San Francisco to Los Angeles Movers

Call us directly at 800 350 1679 to arrange your next move using City Movers LLC, to simplify your move to Los Angeles, California or anywhere in California- or to reach us for your move to San Francisco,  Fill out our moving quote form:

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San Francisco Movers or Los Angeles Movers

New York, NY MoversMoving toLos Angeles?

City Movers LLC distinguishes itself from the typical Los Angeles Movers or San Francisco Movers because long distance moves between Los Angeles and San Francisco (including cities along the way), are our specialty route. 


We understand that moving is stressful and the right Los Angeles Movers or San Francisco movers will make the overall experience less stressful.

Whether moving your a Los Angeles apartment or your Los Angeles home, or even relocating your office, either locally or long distance, City Movers LLC assures that the movers who come to your door, whether Los Angeles or our San Francisco Movers, are skilled, professional, courteous, hard working movers.

Our assigned movers are part of your team, and they understand the movers’ job is to get the job done and give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Moving to Los Angeles or moving to San Francisco is easy with City Movers LLC

City Movers LLC specializes in the following express long distance moving shipments:

  1. Moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles
  2. Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco
  3. Moving from San Francisco to Orange County
  4. Moving from Orange County to San Francisco
  5. Moving from San Francisco to San Diego
  6. Moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento
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