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City Movers LLC is a local favorite Mover. With an outstanding number of clientele such as, Hollywood stars, referral clients, corporate offices, repeat customers, Executives, Start up companies, regular joes and International Clients.  City Movers LLC understands your moving needs. Our professional La Habra Movers are trained to handle any relocation matter such as:

  • Local moving in La Habra
  • Long distance from La Habra
  • Office moving in La Habra and all of Orange County
  • Piano Moving in La Habra
  • Commercial Moving in La Habra
  • Delivery service in La Habra
  • International Movers and shipping in La Habra

We also provide all Moving Services such as packing, unpacking, auto transport, international, fine art and antiques moving and storage.  City Movers LLC is not just a regular Fullerton Mover. We are a team of people who know how to get the job done the right way. We are confident about our quality movers, and Best of Fullerton moving services.  City Movers LLC is happy to be your family's moving company.  Get your moving quote today.

City Movers LLC provides residential moving services for La Habra , Orange County, and all of California. As a professional moving company we offer services such as Packing & Storage Services.

With City Movers LLC your business NEVER has to close to perform your move. We can move you at night, over a week-end or on a holiday. This way, you can open at your new location the next business day. Because at City Movers, we understand TIME IS MONEY!

City Movers LLC provides Long Distance moving in La Habra and the area, and provide service to all point in California from a single item to full service packing. City Movers LLC always uses full time professional movers.

City Movers LLC provides full service storage facilities for our La Habra clients. Wether it's a few days, or a few years, you can rest assured, we do care about your belongings.

City Movers LLC Art Moving in California specializes in fine art and antiques moving in La Habra ,
and has extensive experience moving galleries and museums' irreplaceable artwork.

We know that your piano is one of your most valuable possessions.
That’s why when you choose City Movers LLC, We are the leading Piano movers in La Habra , and the Orange County area.

From Paris to Shanghai, City Movers has you covered. With years of experience working with some of the best shipping agents in the industry, you will be happy you chose City Movers to arrange your international shipment.


City Movers are such a servicing company that it does full justice to the service it offers to its customers.  They are never known to extract huge charges for shifting purposes. They offer customer friendly service.  The authenticity of Movers La Habra rests on it being absolutely licensed, certified and further more being an insured company.  It holds a good name for its trustworthy service to its customers.

Movers La Habra are known for its methodical form of work.  They label each and every item of shifting. They offer reasonable solutions for even dumps in store room. They encourage people to go in for garage sell to quicken the process of rid oneself off unwanted belongings.  Movers La Habra is so generous in their service that they even make arrangements for sale of those unwanted material. They take every item, be it big or small in boxes they are well organized in their tasks and numbers them all.

Shifting can be the most tedious job ever. It rouses bout of tension in the minds of the shifters. It appears as though moving company La Habra . This comes to their rescue to spare them off the horror and stress of shifting. The entire packing and unpacking of belongings is done by them. They further help in arranging things in place once the new destination place is reached.  Movers Fullerton only takes money for the labour involved and not for their services. There is no service charge involved.

Movers La Habra can be contacted at any point of the day. They reach the contacted persons place in promised time.  Thus this moving service Fullerton offers no scope for complains. Movers La Habra looks forward to being contacted while shifting residence. We would be more than happy to render our services to our customers.



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