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City Movers LLC is a local favorite Mover. With an outstanding number of clientele such as, Hollywood stars, referral clients, corporate offices, repeat customers, Executives, Start up companies, regular joes and International Clients.  City Movers LLC understands your moving needs. Our professional Huntington Beach  Movers are trained to handle any relocation matter such as:

  • Local moving in Huntington Beach
  • Long distance from Huntington Beach
  • Office moving in Huntington Beach and all of Orange County
  • Piano Moving in Huntington Beach
  • Commercial Moving in Huntington Beach
  • Delivery service in Huntington Beach
  • International Moving and Shipping in Huntington Beach

We also provide all Moving Services such as packing, unpacking, auto transport, international, fine art and antiques moving and storage.  City Movers LLC is not just a regular Huntington Beach Mover. We are a team of people who know how to get the job done the right way. We are confident about our quality movers, and Best of Huntington Beach moving services.  City Movers LLC is happy to be your family's moving company.  Get your moving quote today.

City Movers LLC provides residential moving services for Huntington Beach, Orange County, and all of California. As a professional moving company we offer services such as Packing & Storage Services.

With City Movers LLC your business NEVER has to close to perform your move. We can move you at night, over a week-end or on a holiday. This way, you can open at your new location the next business day. Becase at City Movers, we understand TIME IS MONEY!

City Movers LLC provides Long Distance moving in Huntington Beach and the area, and provide service to all point in California from a single item to full service packing. City Movers LLC always uses full time professional movers.

City Movers LLC provides full service storage facilities for our Huntington Beach clients. Wether it's a few days, or a few years, you can rest assured, we do care about your belongings.

City Movers LLC Art Moving in California specializes in fine art and antiques moving in Huntington Beach,
and has extensive experience moving galleries and museums' irreplaceable artwork.

We know that your piano is one of your most valuable possessions.
That’s why when you choose City Movers LLC, We are the leading Piano movers in Huntington Beach, and the Orange County area.

From Paris to Shanghai, City Movers has you covered. With years of experience working with some of the best shipping agents in the industry, you will be happy you chose City Movers to arrange your international shipment.


City Movers are quite a piquant service company in the state in terms of its activities. Much reliance upon its authenticity has stressed upon due to its certified status. It has been in service for quite a few years and has earned a name for itself. It is believed to have the best customer care service amongst all other local Moving Company Huntington Beach company.

Movers Huntington Beach skilfully performs their tasks. They seem to have mastered this task efficiently. Stridency is evaded during packing up of goods. They plan their activity of work beforehand.  This Movers Huntington Beach keep a note of the number of goods that have been  packed and put up in the vehicle.  One need not tense oneself with the fear of damage of their belongings. They handle all the goods with extreme care.  The labourers take as much care of the goods as they would have taken of their own belongings.

First impression creates the last impression. The Movers Huntington Beach staff know it well and good how to turn that gamut of trust into a lasting one. They unburden the people off the excessive stress and tension associated with shifting. Movers Huntington Beach take the entire responsibility of shifting upon themselves. They are so much duty bound, that they even care to clean up the place once it has been emptied. Scarcely would any company bother to do the latter task.

Be it early in the morning or in late mid night, this Movers Huntington Beach reach their customers once contacted.  No other service company could always do that. They stick to their promise.  The staffs of Moving Service Huntington Beach have never contravened the moral code of conduct. They remain strict professionals who are concerned with nothing more than their appointed work.  Moving Service Huntington Beach promises to give in their very best to their customers. We are but a phone call away.

Huntington Beach, CA


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